Community Amenities

Included in Monthly Room Rent

Activities of Daily Living

Assistance selecting clothes, and putting them on for the day or in preparation for bed.

A resident needs assistance at the dining table in order to eat and drink.

A resident needs help either walking to or using a wheelchair to attend meals and activities in the community.

Assisting with the needs associated with incontinence such as; changing incontinence supplies like pads and briefs/Depends, helping to change clothing, emptying and caring for catheters and/or ostomy bags.

Managing the medications for residents and administering them as prescribed by a physician.
*Insulin management is not included in this ADL. Insulin can only be managed by the resident, their family, or by a RN with an order from a doctor for a skilled nursing need.

Assistance and reminders to brush teeth and dentures and to floss if so desired.

Helping residents with the application of deodorant, shaving facial hair with an electric razor, keeping their hair groomed and tidy.

This assistance may include helping the person undress, ensuring safe entry and exit from the shower, maintaining balance, and assisting with tasks such as reaching for items or applying soap.

Assistance getting on and off the toilet, getting clothes off before using the toilet and back on after using the toilet, providing cleaning or self-care after using the toilet. Can include using a commode or urinal.

Additional housekeeping days for the week or additional deep cleaning approved by the administrator.

Any ongoing and regular vitals checks outside of the monthly vitals check that is not required for medication management.

Helping an individual get on their feet or into a wheelchair from a lying or seated position.